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the original chuck bass & vanessa abrams lj commun
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Welcome to chuckvanessa, the first and, currently, only community dedicated to the probably implausible romantic union of Gossip Girl's Chuck Bass and Vanessa Abrams, as portrayed by Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr on the CW 11. As, arguably, the two most judgmental characters on the show, especially when it comes to one another's stations in life, the possibility that Chuck and Vanessa will hook up is slim. But, come on, people. That's what fandom is for. And you know you think it'd be kind of hot.

As with any community, we have a few rules.

1. Everything here must be about Chuck/Vanessa. As a couple. Friends, lovers, either way. The community is called chuckvanessa not Chuck/Blair or Nate/Vanessa, okay?

2. All NC-17 rated fanfiction and/or large posts in general must be put under an LJ cut. NC-17 material must be clearly rated as such so people know what they're getting into. We also welcome all fanworks here, from fanfiction to icons to fanvids to banners. If you can make it and it centers on our couple, you can post it here.

3. Any and all advertisements must be related to Chuck, Vanessa, or Gossip Girl in general. Also, advertisements can only be posted by active members. I hate it when people join communities just to advertise and then immediately leave. If you have contributed something, then you can advertise!

4. Save the drama for your momma. If you join just to tell us we're stupid for loving this couple or start wars with other members, you'll get a warning. Persist and you will be banned. Members, don't respond to trolls. I'll find their post and delete, but don't add fuel to the fire, mmkay?

5. Rules will be added as I think of them, but I'll always give you a warning first.

That being said, hello and welcome to the Chuck/Vanessa goodness! We hope you enjoy your stay. :)

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